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The Trading Coach Podcast

Apr 26, 2020

When faced with a hardship or an obstacle it's very easy to make excuses and give up on your goals. However, adversity sometimes offers the best opportunities. Opportunities that could often be a blessing in disguise. After having his businesses shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this trader decided to look at...

Apr 23, 2020

I lost nearly 30K on a series of trades because I was too exposed to a single currency pair. That lesson has taught me a lot moving forward about the benefits of limiting your exposure & keeping a balanced portfolio. 

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Apr 22, 2020

The current trend is to glorify the entrepreneur & shame anyone that isn't on that path. Let me tell you why thinking that way is stupid & how non-entrepreneurs can be just as (if not more), successful than most entrepreneurs. 

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Your Trading Coach -...

Apr 19, 2020

With so much "money to be made" in the markets we're likely to see a rise in what is called "Social Trading." For some, this can be a very dangerous time which will result in the loss of a lot of money, but for others, it could be a life-changing opportunity. 

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Apr 16, 2020

A look at the dark side of being a trading coach & the mental struggles that we deal with outside of the market. 

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